spinner card

Snowflake Spinner Card featuring White Blink Animating LEDs

Our new White Blink Animating LEDs, available in quantities of six or 24, are an easy way to add sparkle and a touch of magic to paper crafts, such as this winter-themed Electrified Spinner Card project. Designed to be fully customizable, and adaptable to any theme or motif you can imagine, our newest tutorial features […]

The Spinner Card with the Conductive Threads— Happy Haunting!

Hello, happy crafters! Are you ready for this Halloween? It is not so familiar in Japan, but I like to join it with this skeleton spinner card. I love the wicked fun event there! And I saw the Chibitronics website told about the conductive thread. You can see many TIPS for using the conductive thread in […]

How to make light up spinner card.

Hi, crafty friends! This is Eiko and I make light up spinner card using Heffy doodle stamps and dies. The LED glows when you pull the pull tab. And if you wind the center part before putting it in the envelope, it starts spinning when the recipient opens the card. This card is based on this […]

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