Circuit Sticker Tutorial 3: DIY Switch

circuit sticker DIY switch

Make your circuit even more interactive by adding a switch to control your lights. Follow the video tutorial below to learn how make your own DIY switch!

We will be using template 3 from the Circuit Sticker Sketchbook.

Circuit Sticker Sketchbook template 3 DIY switch

To make this circuit , you will need:

You’ve completed your DIY switch! What happens when you press the “do not press” button? Finish the story with your own drawings. Come see what others have made and please share your projects with us!

Circuit Sticker Sketchbook DIY switch

Here are some fun example pages for inspiration!

Don’t press the switch!

Gone Fishing

IMG_0072 IMG_0085

Welcome to New York

Anybody home?

IMG_0106 IMG_0105
Circuit Sticker Tutorial 3: DIY Switch
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