Crafted face illustration with effect sticker

Hi Everyone,

I would like to share this new project that I made using Fade Effect Sticker and LEDs. Effect Stickers are pre-programmed stickers that make the LEDs light-up in different patterns, depending on which sticker you choose: blink on and off, fade in and out, pulse in a heartbeat, and twinkle like a star. I love effect stickers, a simple way to make your projects more dynamic.

To make this project I used:

    • LED Stickers
    • 3V coin cell battery
    • Copper tape
    • Fade Effect Sticker
    • Effect Sticker Template
    • Small Disc magnets (to make the battery case)
    • Self- Adhesive felt sheets
    • Sequins
    • Other craft supplies ( scissors, clear tape, glue, scissors, cutting mat, markers etc.)

I used the effect sticker template and followed the directions to make the circuit and understand how it works. I put some clear tape on the template before sticking the copper tape and the stickers so that I could reuse the stickers for my final project.


I made a quick paper prototype, placed the electronic components on top and drew the electrical connections. In my design, I wanted to use the LED light stickers as decorative headgear, fade effect sticker as an earring and the battery as a pendant. I then made the final design using felt.


To make the battery look like a pendant, I made a battery case using felt and small disc magnets. Magnets help to hold the battery in place.


I attached the battery case to my crafted illustration and made the electrical connections by sticking copper tape. I then transferred the stickers from the effects template to my design.



Finally, I added embellishment details using sequins. The sequins really go well with the stickers.


Crafted face illustration with effect sticker
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