Chibitronics at Programaê! Makers Educa in Brazil

We were extremely thrilled to be part of the Programaê! Makers Educa workshop in Sao Paulo. Programaê!, an initiative started by Lemann Foundation recently launched the Makers Educa program to support creative maker activities at public schools and afterschool centers in Brazil.

As part of this program, several educators from different parts of Brazil joined us on 19th October 2015 for a hands on session with Chibitronics circuit stickers. Through this workshop we intended to provide creative inspiration for Brazilian educators to design exploratory maker activities for children to express themselves in new ways with electronics.Chibitronics in BrazilPhoto Courtesy: Insper

We started with introducing simple circuits with copper tape, coin cell batteries, binder clip and LED light stickers. In just a few minutes, the whole room was filled with unique light-up creations with a spark in everyone’s eyes.

Some of the participants were familiar with this medium while others had never seen something like this before. After creating their initial circuits, they tried adding pressure sensor to their circuit and saw their light fade in and fade out based on the applied pressure. They were very eager to try different circuits in the Circuit Sticker Sketchbook.

The workshop participants were curious, engaged and enthusiastic to explore paper electronics in their teaching settings. They exchanged creative ideas with the other fellow educators and learned from each other. The workshop was followed by a discussion on creative opportunities and challenges in bringing these activities to Public Schools in Brazil.

We received an amazing response from the workshop participants. We are so delighted to have them as part of our growing Chibitronics community and look forward to hearing more about their creative experiences with Circuit Stickers.

Chibitronics at Programaê! Makers Educa in Brazil

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