Circuit Stickers at HUBweek: A week of art, science and technology in Boston

We were delighted to be part of the Boston HUBweek as part of A Pop-Up Makerspace: The Future of Learning Laboratory, hosted by Harvard University. On 10th October, the Harvard Ed portal was transformed into a space of playful experiences with hands-on workshops, interactive activities, and participatory demonstrations. The event was designed for families and consisted of drop-in, high/low tech, creative learning experiences.

We lead a semi-guided hands-on workshop for designing interactive stories using Circuit Stickers.

Participants designed and created paper based interactive light-up artefacts representing personal stories using circuit stickers and craft materials. Some participants also made light -up greeting cards for people they valued.

 Scratch sprites served as great creative prompts and story starters.  It was interesting to see how everyone’s ideas inspired other ideas. Children and adults were motivated to explore more complex techniques such as adding more lights to the project, adding a blinking switch, and using effect stickers.

Apart from the workshop, there were also a few circuit sticker stations where volunteers were modelling how to make creative projects with Chibitronics Circuit Stickers. Participants experimented using circuit stickers with copper tape as well as conductive ink.

At the end of the event, it was delightful to see the participants leaving with light-up projects in their hands and big smile on their faces.

Circuit Stickers at HUBweek: A week of art, science and technology in Boston
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