Surrealist Paper Illustrations


Objective: Students will learn the ideas and concepts behind the Surrealist art movement while creating paper illustrations that incorporate light-up Chibitronics circuit stickers.

Created by: Kristin Osiecki. Learn more about Kristin in our Meet the Maker series.

Click here for full lesson plan: Surrealism meets Circuits.

Lesson Plan Summary:

Topics: Surrealism, illustration, drawing, elements and principals of design, basic principals of electronics

Grades: 9-12

NSES: B National Core Arts Standards: -Creating: 1,2,3 -Responding: 7,8,9 -Connecting: 10,11
NSVA: 1-4, 8-10

-Chibitronics LED stickers
-copper tape
-paper of various weights, colors and opacities
-tracing paper
-x-acto knives
-paper cement
-clear tape
-cutting board/surface

Nice to haves:
-100% graphite pencils
-Foam or illustration board for mounting + layering

1- Introduce students to key characteristics of Surrealism
2- Surrealist word game – This step can be skipped, but it is a great means of generating ideas.
3- Sketching + Tracing -techniques for sketching, breaking down images into simple shapes, and using tracing paper to transfer them to a variety of different kinds of paper. -creating three-dimensional layers with paper and foam-core. -adding simple shading and details with colored pencils
4- Designing a circuit around your piece of artwork
5- Assembling + Circuitry -This will depend on the kind of circuit you have chosen

Surrealist Paper Illustrations
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