ISTE 2017

We just got back from a busy week at ISTE. We had a great time meeting new and old friends and had a chance to share our new Love to Code kit: the Chibi Chip and Chibi Scope!

We hosted a workshop “STEAM-Based Learning and Self-Expression with Chibitronics” with Chibitronics cofounder Jie Qi and rockstar librarian and author Colleen Graves. Our class blended paper crafts, electronics and programming. During the workshop we created simple light-up cards:

And then learned to control our lights by programming the Chibi Chip.

Here are some pictures from our workshop:

Photo Credit: Colleen Graves

We also played with the Chibi Scope and wrote fun messages:

We hosted an impromptu workshop for our friends at TechTerra:

Our friend, Dr. Jaclyn Gerstein, also hosted a workshop, A Framework for Maker Education: Frontloading and Reflecting on Maker Experiences”. You can see how educators got fun and creative with our stickers.  The educators went through the sketchbook to draw and make circuits.  Some even got to try our Chibi Chip!

Photo Credit: Dr. Gerstein

We also met up with old friends and made some new friends.

Photo Credit: Rafranz Davis

Looking forward to seeing everyone in 2018!

ISTE 2017
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