What We want to say….. Happy Birthday!!

Hi everyone! It’s Nicorin.
Are you enjoying the summer? In almost all of area in Japan, we have been in the rainy season, yet. So I can’t wait seeing the beautiful summer sky!

Today I show you light up double slider card. We had a workshop in Japan last month. And one of our projects was using this system.
It is so interesting that the pull tub and parts move the opposite directions. When you pull the tab, the parts move the same direction usually. But this system is different.
We feel a kind of some strange feeling when we pull something, the other thing moves to the opposite.

In this card, many pals are gathering to celebrate someone’s birthday. What they want to say is……. When you pull the tab, the speech bubbles is coming out saying “It’s your birthday!” And the lights turn on! It’s so fun!



How to make

1.Prepare the parts

・White card base 11×4.25″
・Cover panel  5 1/8×4” make a window (Φ2.5 inch) on the left side
・Circuit panel
・Switch parts and pull tub: cut out from the pull tub parts by Lawn Fawn
・The parts for double slider. Refer the below photo.
・The belt cutting out the plastic bag 3/4×6 inch
・The parts of animal pals and the speech bubble

2.Draw and Make the Circuit

Draw the Circuit
On the white card stock,5 1/8×4 inch, draw the circuit.
・Mark the 2.5inch window
・Mark on the place of the battery
・Make a slit for the switch :
Slit Position; 1/4 inch from the right edge and circle hole
Direction; horizontal
Slit Size 1/16 inch width, 2 inch length
・Mark the LED light place
・Draw a path starting from the negative side of the battery to the LED sticker negative pad
・Make the path from the positive side of the battery to the slit.
・Draw the path from slit to the LED sticker positive pad
・Put the switch part in the slit and slide to the right edge and mark the connecting path with the circuit.

Make the circuit
・Stick the copper tape on the drown path.
・Stick the double sided tape on the place of the battery
・Peel off the release paper on the Battery place then stick the negative path copper tape start from the marking of LED negative pad to the negative side of the battery. At the battery place, stick the copper tape on the double adhesive tape and hold it back facing up adhesive side of copper tape and cut it.
・Place the battery on the copper tape with the positive side up.
・Stick the copper tape on the positive path from the backside go through the slit and the positive side of the battery.
・Then put the LED stickers on the mark.
・Stick the copper tape on the switch parts path
・Put the switch in the slit and test the switching work well.
・After you confirm that the lights work well when the slit switch slide in the place, reinforce the connection of LED stickers and copper tape path with sticking the short copper tape on each edge of LED stickers.

3.Make the System of the Double Slider

Next, I make the double slider system. I plan the motion range is 1 1/4 inch. It need 1/2inch more for the switch parts space. So the length of the rail is decided 1 3/4″.
Make the slider rail. Please refer the below picture
Wrap the rail with the belt made of the plastic bag. It not to be tight but slightly loose. if you make it just size, the belt can’t move smoothly. After you stick the loop make sure the belt can move smoothly.

Set the pull tab on the switch parts setting left edge of the slit.
Then stick the foam tape on the long side edges of the slider parts backside. It can make a space for moving smoothly the pull tab and belt of slider.

Set the double slider parts on the pull tab. On this point,make sure the pull tab be free, not stick the pull tab with the foam tape.

Attach the speech bubble parts the light on position. When the pull tab is on the left edge in the backside of the belt, the peek a boo parts is on the upside of the belt and it is the left. Can you see it in the below photo?
I use the plastic sheet for placing the speech bubble because I want to set it on the little bit upper place.


Stick the foam tape on the all the edge of the circuit panel except the pull tab place.
Make the seen with the pals in the window
Attach the cover panel on the circuit panel
Set the cover panel assembled on the card base

I did it!
When you pull the tub, the speech bubble is coming out. And the lights glowing.

Using the combination of the pull tab switch and the double slider system, you can make the interactive cards. I hope you enjoy making your own scenes with your fabulous imagination!

Thank you for stopping by!


What We want to say….. Happy Birthday!!

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  1. This is adorable! I love cards like this one. I want to make something special for my sisters birthday this month. I got my tape, batteries and lights ready to go. Thanks for being so inspiring.

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