How to make light up Japanese fan.

Hi, crafty friends!

This is Eiko and I make light up Japanese fan Uchiwa using pre-made plastic fan kit. Uchiwa is a flat round paper fan with a bamboo or a plastic handle. It is used to keep oneself to cool or to kindle fire.

I will make the parts referring to the picture below.

  • Plastic fan frame
  • Two fan covers using white sticker: one for the circuit and the other for the picture
  • Back fan cover using hologram sticker
  • Draw a picture on the white fan cover.
  • Make the holes at the position of the lights.

Make an envelope battery holder referring to this page.

  • Stick the circuit fan cover on the fan frame.
  • Put the envelope battery holder on the fan cover.
  • Stick the back fan cover on the backside of the fan frame.
  • Put the picture fan cover on the circuit fan cover and mark the lights with a pencil.
  • Mark the position of the Chibitronics and the battery.
  • Draw the circuit with a pencil.
  • Stick the copper tape on the pre-drawn path.
  • Attach the LED to the copper tape, over the outline.
  • Stick short copper tape on the edges of the LED to reinforce.
  • Stick the picture fan cover on the circuit fan cover.
  • Put the CR2032 coin cell battery in the envelope battery holder.
  • When you tuck the top flat of the battery holder between the outside band and the negative lead, the LED turn on.

I finished it! If you have a ready-made battery holder, you can use it instead of the envelope battery holder.

Please draw your favorite picture and create your own fan!

Thank you for stopping by!

Eiko Uchida

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How to make light up Japanese fan.
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