Spiral Pop-up Card

Hi! my crafty friends!

This is June. I created the Spiral Pop-up Card also called a Bending Planes. This type of pop-up has no creases and the easiest pop-up to make. My spiral pop-up card is made of several Hello Bluebird stamp sets and Lawn Fawn dies. This card is not only a pop-up but also a light-up card. The light turns on automatically when you open the card. Of course, when you close the card, the lights go out automatically.

These curved strawberry stems image is goes well with the spiral.
Here’s another card that made the background out of watercolors
This is another card with more LEDs. It looks prettier in the dark.

If you want to make this light-up card, Please watch my YouTube tutorial about it. And follow below these instructions :

This video will show you step by step how to make this light-up Spiral Pop-up card.

Step 1. Stamping & Coloring

I colored those little cute images from Hello Bluebirds stamp sets without black line.
Color more strawberry stem images.

Step 2. Download Template

Download this free template which is helpful easier to make spiral pop-up card.

Step 3. Design Your Own Circuit

Construct a circuit along the template, but design your own circuit depending on the location of the LEDs.

Step 5. Assembling

Assemble the Card Base, Thick Board(1T) and Back Panel to be the same as the mechanism shown in the picture above.

Step 6. Creating Front Panel

Creating the front panel of the card with another strawberry image and a word.

Step 7. Creating Spiral Pop-up

Cut the spiral of the template and attached into the inside of the card and adhere the images of the strawberry stems on the spiral.

Step 8. Decoration

Now adhere pretty sequins on inside and outside of the card.


If you need more information about it and interested in mechnism of this circuit, please be sure to check out the video tutorial linked above this blog.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

June Lee (Instagram : paperandcircuit)

Spiral Pop-up Card

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