Spring Fields Swish Pop-up Card

Happy Monday!

June is coming here again! I am so excited to share this monthly project again. Today I bring you a Swish Pop-up card featuring the adorable sheep that are playing on the spring fields with friends. 

Of course, this card is also a light-up card made of Chibitronics LED stickers. It it automatically light up when you open a card. I’m sure your heart will shine bright when this card lights up.

It seems difficult to make because it is a pop-up card, but the circuit itself is easy to make.

I hope my post inspires all of you and uses the Chibitronics products to create new challenges.

I am sharing how to make these swish pop-up card designed to automatically light up when I open it in the below video tutorial.


1. Template for Swish Pop-up Card

Please cut the paper as shown in the picture above, referring to the downloaded template.

2. Stamping & Coloring

I colored the stamping images with a Prisma colored pencils.

3. Die Cutting

Die cut the papers as shown in the picture above.

4. Circuit Composing

Composing a circuit on the 1mm thick board which has a battery holder.
Complete the circuit board by attaching copper tape and white Led stickers from Chibitronics.

By assembling the circuit board and the pieces of cutting paper together following my video tutorial, you can make a card that looks prettier in the dark as shown below.

I hope you like these light-up card and this post!

Thank you for stopping by!

June Lee (Instagram : paperandcircuit)

YouTube chanel : Paper & Circuit

Spring Fields Swish Pop-up Card
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