Isolate Certain Lights to Blink – featuring Craft Effect Stickers

Howdy all! I’m Allison Cope and today we’re going to make a fun light up robot birthday card!

I started by embossing the front panel of my card using a 3D embossing folder. Don’t you like that gear like texture?!?

Next I colored up the cute little robot using Copic Markers and I knew I wanted to light up his eyes, his switch, his “heart” and the flames coming out of his shoes so I punched holes through the textured cardstock in all of those places. I then took a pencil through those holes and marked them on the inside for creating the circuit.

Next I used the stencil from the “Craft Effect Sticker & Stencil” set and traced out the placement of my “Blink” Craft Effect Sticker, my LED Light Stickers and my 2 batteries for my circuit.

Next I laid down the “Conductive Fabric Tape” for the negative side of the circuit. I always start my tape under the battery area so my circuit begins with contact on the underside (negative side) of my batteries. 

In order for my positive circuit over my negative line of tape, I used a small piece of cardstock to create a bridge over the tape.

Next I created the housing for my batteries to stay in.  I created a flap of acetate (you can use anything non-conductive for this) and wrapped my “Conductive Fabric Tape“around that flap so it touches the top of the batteries.

Then I continue laying down the remainder of the positive side of the circuit’s “Conductive Fabric Tape to complete the circuit.  Next I applied all of my light stickers. In this case I used Red and Yellow LED Light Stickers from the “Red/Blue/Yellow LED Stickers Pack” of stickers. I also applied the “Blink” sticker from the “Craft Effect Sticker & Stencil” set to complete the circuit.

The negative side of the circuit is shown above surrounded by red ink and the positive side of the circuit is shown with green ink shown around it.

Since my Craft Effect Sticker is located below all my Red LED Light Stickers, this means that only the 2 Yellow LED Light Stickers will blink!

Come and check out I created this whole circuit on our Chibitronics YouTube Channel… HERE.

Thanks for checking out my fun card today! Here’s what our little robot looks like all lit up… and remember, those flames blink!

Have a wonderful week!

~ Allison Cope ~

Isolate Certain Lights to Blink – featuring Craft Effect Stickers
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