A Closer Look at the Chibitronics Chibi Chip

The Chibitronics Love to Code Chibi Chip is a fun and friendly way to engage with programming, especially when combined with the Microsoft Make Code Editor. Because there is no software to install or drivers to configure, it’s easy to get started online.

The Chibi Chip is the heart of the Love to Code (LTC) system. You can use the Chibi Chip to bring life to your Chibi Lights LED stickers by making them blink and fade.

In an effort to anticipate the needs of educators who are using, or planning to use, the Chibitronics Love to Code Chibi Chip in their summer camps and classrooms, we’ve created a handy pinout guide. A large, high definition pinout (linked below) may be easily projected to a screen or printed off as a handout or poster.

Close-up photo of a Chibi Chip annotated with the following information: On the left side of the chip—Micro USB input: red cable connects here. Along the top of the Chibi Chip, left to right—Power light: green = on, red = short circuit detected; PROG light: red = ready to program, green = has been programmed; Program Button: hold down until PROG light blinks and stays red when uploading code; Chibi Clip: removable plastic clip attaches the Chibi Chip to paper; Text Output: connects to TXT input of Chibi Scope; +5V: power for Chibi Scope; Ground for Chibi Scope; RGB Output: can be connected to the signal pin of individually addressable LEDs and Neopixel strands; onboard Neopixel/individually addressable LED. Along the bottom of Chibi Chip, left to right—Ground; Pins 0–5 (each has their own onboard indicator LED); another Ground, +3V power. On the left side of the chip.

For more information about the Chibitronics Love to Code Chibi Chip, including free, standards-based lesson plans, downloadable templates, and other supporting documentation, please visit our Love to Code Lesson Guide. You may also find fun project ideas that combine our LTC Chibi Chip with Microsoft Make Code on our blog.

A Closer Look at the Chibitronics Chibi Chip
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