Week in Review (2/4/24-2/10/24)

Good morning and happy weekend! Today we’re recapping the projects shared by our design team this week! Click on any image for more details and information!

Celeste started off the new design team term with this beautiful tutorial combining Animating Rainbow Fade LED stickers with her embroidery! Just look at those butterflies glow!

Eiko created an interactive card where the dimensional heart lights up when you pull the tab and the car moves! She used an Animating Red Fade LED sticker and her heart glows red and gently fades in and out! Be sure to check out the other variations of the card she created over on her IG account @eikenlaboratory!

Over on our YouTube channel, Allison shared a full video tutorial showing how to create an interactive light-up card that reveals a hidden message! When the balloon lights up with our Animating White Fade LED sticker, you’ll see the secret birthday sentiment!

Rana is the owner of Magengo Designs and she used her own stamp set, Granny’s House, for this sweet light-up card! Her card uses a simple circuit where you press the sentiment and the heart lights up!

Laura also created a simple circuit for this beautiful birthday card! She used one of our original color LEDs for her card; and when you push the instructions, the sparkler glows!

And finally, Jessica is sharing a video tutorial for Lawn Fawn using a reed switch and Animating White Blink LED stickers to create an interactive light-up card! As the bunny moves towards the lighthouse, the beacon blinks on and off to guide her home!

Week in Review (2/4/24-2/10/24)
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