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Light Sensor Card Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to make a card turn on when opened using a light sensor sticker. You can use this to light up an LED, or get creative and use it as a switch to turn on more adventurous circuits! Here are some examples of wonderful cards by Chibitronics makers. Materials: light sensor […]

Flat Double Battery Holder Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to make a flat battery holder that holds two batteries connected in series. Because the batteries are connected in series, they make a higher voltage power supply, so you can have more LEDs in series! To learn more about series circuits, visit this tutorial on series versus parallel circuits. Materials: […]

Battery Power with Variable Voltage using Magnets

This tutorial will show you a nifty way to make a variable power supply using neodymium magnets, coin cell batteries and two alligator clips.  You can also use this as a standard battery holder by using only one coin cell battery. Notice how your LEDs get dimmer when you have many of them? Having multiple […]

Parallel and Series Circuits

Have you ever noticed that the brightness of LEDs change differently when you connect them in different ways? This tutorial explains the differences between series and parallel connections. Series Connections When components are connected to one another in a continuous loop, like beads on a necklace, it is called a series connection. In a series […]

Aslı’s Circuit Sketchbook

Welcome to Asli’s Sketchbook page!  We will be sharing completed scenes created by artist Aslı.  Each week she is posting a new page, along with creations by others in their own sketchbooks.  Keep updated by checking here or following us on Instagram or Twitter.Please feel free to share your own creations as well! Jie gave […]

Magnetic Switch Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to make a magnetic on/off switch. Materials: glue stick magnetic sheet paper scissors LED sticker battery copper tape Steps: 1. Fold the corner of the paper and trace your battery on both sides. Mark one circle plus and the other one minus. 2. Build a simple circuit using copper tape. Leave […]

Magnetic Switch Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to make a magnetic on/off switch. Materials: Magnetic sheet card stock or blank card copper tape LED sticker battery binder clip (for battery holder) 1. Put down your copper tape, leave one space for the LED and one for our magnetic switch. 2. Stick the LED sticker into its place, […]

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