advanced circuits

Programming the Microcontroller Sticker

The microcontroller circuit sticker comes with a default touch sensor program. However, you can also use Arduino software to reprogram it with your own code! This tutorial will show you how to reprogram the Attiny85 microcontroller sticker using three programmer options: the Tiny AVR programmer, the AVRISP MKII, and the Arduino as programmer . Tiny […]

Microcontroller Sticker Intro Tutorial

The microcontroller sticker is preprogrammed as a touch sensor with a variety of functions. Similar to the trigger sticker, you can trigger the touch sensor by simultaneously touching the sensor trace and the “-” trace. You can also clip conductive materials to these pads, like in the Makeymakey, and create your own touch sensor interfaces […]

Circuit Templates

Check out our step-by-step tutorials in Learn for links to circuit templates! Circuit Template gallery coming soon!

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