6 Ways to Save Used Batteries for Safe Disposal

Did you know that the coin cell/button cell batteries most widely used in light-up paper crafts and cards (CR2032 and CR2016) fit into a category of batteries that require unique consideration for proper disposal? Primary/Single-Use batteries cannot be recharged and must be disposed of once they wear out. Alkaline, lithium, silver oxide, zinc-air, zinc-carbon, and zinc-chloride, […]

6 Uses for Bare Circuit Sticker LEDs

In my post, 5 Ways to Reuse Circuit Stickers, I shared several ways to repurpose Circuit Sticker LEDs that had lost their adhesive mojo. In that post I explained how to detach a sticker, without damaging it, and how to remove and replace its conductive adhesive backing. In this post, I’ve assembled six ways that […]

5 Ways to Reuse Circuit Stickers

Circuit Sticker LEDs are Reusable! If you are new to using our LED stickers, you might be wondering whether there is a way to reuse them once they have lost their stick. Luckily, there are several ways to reuse Circuit Stickers that have lost their adhesive mojo in order to minimize waste and expense! As […]

USB Powered Paper Circuits: An Alternative to Coin Batteries

Coin batteries are great for powering paper circuits, but they can be costly — both in terms of expense and environmental impact. USB power is a great substitute for coin batteries if you need more power, want to leave a project turned on, or don’t want to keep switching out batteries. It’s also useful for […]

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