Hello! my crafty friends!  

I am June.  I used Paper-Mechanical-Iris to make this light-up card. You can see another Paper Iris Cards on my Instagram. 

This card is an interactive card and pop-up card. When you turn the tab, the sun behind the cloud will shine and then you can see Double Rainbow!

Let’s make a Double Rainbow Light-up Card!

1. Downloading Free Templates & Making Paper-Mechanical-Iris

You can download Paper-Mechanical-Iris here.  
The Add-on is made by me.
Assemble the all pieces of Paper Mechanical Iris. 
Stamp rain drops on Paper Mechanical Iris.
Make a switch.
Adhere a piece of copper tape and conductive fabric tape on the switch.
This switch moves along the arch hole.

2. Making Card Base & Front Panel

Card Stock(5.5″x11″)
Pattern Paper(5.5″x5.5″)
Background Paper(5 1/4″x5 1/4″)
Die cut cloud borders.
Layout a front panel like the picture.

3. Stamping, Coloring and Cutting

I used Lawn Fawn Stamp Sets. 
<Rain or Shine Before’n Afters>, <Life is Good>, <Winter Unicorn>,
<A Little Sparkle>, <Push here>
Cut the stamp images after coloring.

4. Making Battery Holder 

 You can see  How to Make a Battery Holder for light-up cards on my Instagram.

5. Circuits

Draw and make circuits on the back side of front panel and the card base. 

6. Covering with Foam Board

Mark the position of the switch and battery holder on the foam board, and cut the places.   The thickness of a foam board(1T, 5.5″x5.5″) must be thinner than a battery’s thickness.
Make the hole for connecting cathode and anode of a battery. And adhere a piece of conductive fabric tape which is rolled up. The adhesive side is must be curled outward. 

7. Decoration

Adhere the front panel on the foam sheet.
Adhere a shape of cloud on a tab for iris.
Adhere the stamping images on the front panel like the picture.

We’ve done it. Yay!

Supplies List

  • Chibitronics White Sticker
  • 3V con cell battery(CR2016)
  • Copper tape
  • Conductive Fabric Tape
  • Lawn Fawn Stamp Sets
    • Rain or Shine Before’n Afters
    • Life is Good
    • Winter Unicorn
    • A Little Sparkle
    • Push here
  • Die Set
    • Stitched Cloud Frames @ Lawn Fawn
    • Outside in Stitched Cloud Stackables @Lawn Fawn
    • Mixed cloud shape die sets
  • Paper
    • White Card Stock(5.5″x11″)
    • Pattern Paper(5.5″x5.5″)
    • Background Paper(5 1/4″x5 1/4″)
  • Foam Board(1T, 5.5″x5.5″)

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