Secret of Rabbit Ear

Hi friends, June here again with another monthly project. This month, I am featuring my own design that are so cute rabbit for parallel circuit light-up card. 

From late July to early August in middle of this summer, I will hold workshops again for high school girls with several light-up cards in South Korea. This card is my own design for the workshop. Isn’t it cute?

There’s a little secret hidden in that rabbit’s ear. If you pull up the right ear of the rabbit, you can see rosy light-up cheeks of it. The secret of the rabbit ears is that the ear act as a switch in the circuit.

Isn’t it really adorable to see the rabbit sticking its head out of the envelope?
Pulling the right ear, which acts as a switch, makes it a little longer, as if the rabbit was pricking its ears. Then both cheeks light up rosy.
This video tutorial show you how to make this Parallel Circuit Light-up Card. Please refer to the YouTube video attached.

1. Download Template 

All you have to do is download the template shown in the picture. Next, print on medium thickness white paper. There is no need to use any stamps or dies for this card. 
Creating this design took a lot of time and effort. It was designed and shared to educate paper circuit to young girls, so please don’t use this one for commercial purpose. If it’s not used for commercial purposes, it’s free to download and use it.

2. Cutting & Making Thick Board 

Cut all the parts. And make a thick board to free space for switch and battery.

3. Circuit Composing 

Attach copper tape and chibitronics white LED stickers along the template as shown in the picture above.

4. Assembly

After composing the circuit, attach the thick board on the circuit panel as shown in the picture. Attach the conductive fabric tape in the hole and make the tape round with the conductive adhesive side up to connect the positive sides of the battery. After that, insert a switch in a slot and attach the right ear on the switch.
Then I finished the card by attaching card base on behind of the circuit panel.
Insert a battery(2016) into the battery holder and pull the right ear then you can see the bright rosy cheeks of the rabbit.
Thank you for stopping by. Have a safe and delightful day!

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Secret of Rabbit Ear
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