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10 Ways to Add a Switch to a Paper Circuit

Recently, a customer sent in a question that was so illuminating, so essential, that it prompted us to pause and reflect: Once you complete the circuit and put the stickers on, what turns the light off? Customer Inquiry In today’s post, a tribute to the powerhouse working behind the scenes, we are placing a spotlight […]

10 Ways to Make a Paper Battery Holder

Coin cell batteries (3V) such the CR2032 and CR2016 are thin and compact, making them an ideal way to power paper circuit projects. Back in 2016 our founder and CEO, Jie Qi, curated 5 Ways to Make a Paper Battery Holder. While that information remains useful, and may have already become an established part of your […]

Light Up a Schultüte (With Chibitronics LED Stickers)

Did you know that it is customary in parts of Germany (and a few bordering countries) for six-year-old children starting first grade to be presented with the gift of a large paper cone called a Schultüte (“school bag”)? Taking inspiration from a custom that I admire, my latest tutorial demonstrates how to create a Schultüte with LED […]

Make a Light Up Leaf With LED Stickers (Video Tutorial)

Fall is a terrific time to get cozy around a warm fire and sip apple cider. And, if you’re lucky, it’s also a fantastic time to notice the subtle changes in nature, such as leaves changing color and drifting to the ground in crunchy, colorful piles! No matter where you might find yourself at this […]

Light Up a Dissolve Card with Chibitronics LED Stickers

In my latest tutorial, Dissolve Card: Light Up Picture Switcher, I’ll show you how to make a light-up version of a Victorian Era mechanism known as a dissolve, or dissolve card. This paper mechanics project combines a trick of the eye (and pictures that flip) with a little electronic trickery of our own — Circuit […]

Christmas Shaker Tags

Hi, friends! This is June. Christmas is always a word that makes me happy. So I created light-up shaker tags for Christmas season.  Light up a happy Christmas with this tag featuring cute little kids. This video tutorial will show you how to make the light-up shaker tag with tiny winter scene. Below is the […]

Announcing Our First Circuit Sketchbook Art Contest Winners!

Congratulations to Alexa, 9, and Taia, 12, on winning our first Circuit Sketchbook Art Contest! Keep scrolling to see their entries and find out how you can enter the next one. Alexa, 9 – Acorn’s Adventures“I was interested in acorns and comics. I wanted to make up an original story. I like characters with a […]

Chibitronics Monthly Circuit Sketchbook Art Contest

Show us your #circuitsketchbook! Our Art Contest will now be monthly! Complete all 5 chapters of our Circuit Sticker Sketchbook and share them with us by the end of each month for the chance to win a Love to Code Creative Coding Kit and be featured in our Sketchbook Gallery. The winner will be announced […]

Haunted House Parts 1 & 2 (featuring DIY Pressure Sensors)

We’re excited to announce two new tutorials that show you how to make two pressure sensor circuits out of Pressure Sensitive Conductive Plastic! These circuits allow you to make totally different interactions using the same artwork by switching up the circuits, like in these cool haunted house scenes! In the “Haunted House Pt. 1: Intro […]

Use Chibitronics LED Stickers to Create Silhouettes, Shadows, & Layers

Interested in learning some paper circuit techniques to help you create interesting shadows, silhouettes, and layers in your work? Check out the new tutorial by Natalie Freed and Jill Dawson! In this activity, you’ll make swatch cards to experiment with different paper and light effects and ponder possibilities for using the properties of both for […]

NEW TUTORIAL: Flying Concertina Accordion Book by Jill Dawson

New tutorial up on our tutorials page by Jill Dawson! In this tutorial, we will show you how to add motion and light to a fun and flashy variation of the traditional accordion book structure! You’ll learn how to use conductive thread as a decorative and conductive element, and how to use a reed switch […]

Circuit Sketchbook Art Contest

Show us your #circuitsketchbook! Complete all 5 chapters of our Circuit Sticker Sketchbook and share them with us by 5PM Pacific time on June 14, 2021 for a chance to win 1 of 10 Love to Code Creative Coding Kits and be featured in our Sketchbook Gallery. Winners will be announced on July 1, 2021. […]

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