On/Off Slide Switch Light Up card

Hello, everyone! It’s Yukiko from Prima Crafts.
How have you been doing?

Today, I am sharing the On/Off Slide Switch Light Up card.
I wanted to make something really basic using the simplest design.
When you slide the switch for On, the card lights up!!

These are the materials I prepared and I forgot to put one more black sheet for the switch. I’m sorry about this.

The circuit is like this.
When the slide switch moves to the red side, it completes the circuit.

The rectangle black small paper on the right is what I forgot to show on the materials picture.
I put copper tape all around the part three times.
This is how it look like when the slide switch shows OFF mark.

Red/White/Orage LED stickers
Copper Tape
3V Coin Battery

Ellen hutson Conductor of Light
Concord & 9th Shine Brighter
Lawn Fawn Push Here

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Happy Crafting!


On/Off Slide Switch Light Up card
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