Author : Yukiko Sugiyama

Holiday Shopping!

Hi, Crafty Friends! This is Yukiko here from Prima Crafts.Are you busy with Holiday Shopping? Or maybe making cards?I really love this time of the year! Today, I’m showing Holiday Shopping Card with Twinkle Effect Sticker.I was inspired by the Holiday Department Store like Macy’s!The Switch is a push-type but a little different for making […]

Penny Slider Switch Card

Hello, crafty friends! I’m Yukiko from prima-crafts!Today, I’m introducing the Penny Slider Switch Card.It’s not over Halloween yet, but never too fast to make some winter-themed cards!So I did with Snow Buddies. The materials are below.I made 2 panels of scene cardstock. I feel this way is easy to find where things are.Also, when you […]

Hocus Pocus! Halloween Trick Card

Hello, crafty friends! It’s Yukiko here from Prima Crafts.It’s still August, but it’s never too fast to make something for Halloween & Christmas! So today, I’m showing Hocus Pocus! Halloween Trick Card.Last month, I posted Summer Fireworks Light-up Card using a magnetic reed switch.Some people asked me how to use them.So I decided to make […]

It’s Time for Night Pool!

Hi, Crafty Friends! I’m Yukiko here.How is your summer? I go to the pool with my kids a lot! And today’s project was inspired by that. I wanted to make the scene of Night Pool! First I prepared these materials.Base Card (I already marked the circuit.)Panel Card with the pool holeAlso, Panel Card same size […]

Let’s Cook! Light Up Card

Hello, crafty friends! This is Yukiko from Prima Crafts.How have you been doing?I am enjoying Spring Break with my girls. Today, I am showing “Let’s Cook!” Light Up Card.I love this chef stamp with a potbelly. It’s so cute! So I turned his belly into the Push Button for light up. These are the materials […]

On/Off Slide Switch Light Up card

Hello, everyone! It’s Yukiko from Prima Crafts.How have you been doing? Today, I am sharing the On/Off Slide Switch Light Up card.I wanted to make something really basic using the simplest design.When you slide the switch for On, the card lights up!! These are the materials I prepared and I forgot to put one more […]

Spooky glowing Halloween Card

Hello, crafty friends! This is Yucco, @prima-yucco.It’s been long time no seeing you!Finally I’m getting back to new style life with 2 kids virtual studying at home. I know this is a bit early, but today I’m sharing a Spooky glowing Halloween Card. I used Hello Bluebird Tabitha Stamp and Die, Little Haunters Stamp and […]

Dreamy Eiffel Tower Card

This time I wanted the lights to be flashing, so I used Effects Sticker.The circuit is below. If you are new to effects sticker, this link will help you figure out how to use this effects sticker, please check this link below. Thank you for reading!  I hope this card can make you little happier!Happy […]

Magical Unicorn Card

I used Black Conductive Plastic in this card, so that the lights glow in order from the one with least resistance. The light will become brighter the harder you press, it makes a pressure sensor! These are the materials I used. The black strip left below in this picture is the black conductive plastic.I used […]

Valentine Light Up Card

For making this card, I prepared these. The switch part is little different from the one I used to use. I discussed with Chibitronics Design Team member, Eiko and Nicorin, and tried to make the switch as easy as possible for kids. With this stich, it allows both positive and negative line of coppertapes go […]

Rocket slider light up card

These are the products I used for this card.Ranger Simon Hurley Create Space trainingScrew hole punchChibitronics copper tapeChibitronics LED stickers, Pink, Blue, Green and OrangeChibitronics Fabric patches Have a happy crafty day!

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