Hi friends, June(Jooyeon Lee) here again! 

Today I am sharing a beautiful Peacock Thank You Card(Actually this is a post card, not a card.) for Chibitronics monthly project.

Most peacocks are blueish, but the ones I made have many colors such as yellow, pink, and so on. Which of these four-colored peacocks do you like best? I think blue suits the peacock well. Nevertheless, I still love the pink peacock.

Here, I recorded the process of making a pink peacock. If you want to make this card, please watch my YouTube tutorial about it. And follow these instructions: 

In this video tutorial, I will show you how to make the peacock and mechanism about using pressure sensitive conductive plastic.

Below is the list of the supplies required I used for this Peacock Light-up Card.


1. Die Cutting

All four pieces of white paper die-cuts of thick board(thickness 1mm). And I do some partial die cutting for the scalloped squares. 
To make a peacock, you need the die cutting shown in the picture above.

2. Making Peacock

Follow the video tutorial to create a pretty peacock.

3. Draw Circuit

First, Stack together three thick boards of 1mm thick to create a circuit board of 3mm thick.
Then mark the positions of LED’s as above and draw a circuit.

3. Circuit Composing

Construct a circuit with the Chibitronics products listed below.

4. Assembly

After making the circuit board, attach the front panel to this circuit board then it’s over.

I hope this post inspires all of you and used the Chibitronics products to create new creation!

Thank you for stopping by!

June Lee (Instagram : paperandcircuit)

YouTube channel : Paper & Circuit

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