Chibitronics for PaperCrafters Video Series 2023 Review

In 2023, we launched a new video series, Chibitronics for PaperCrafters. This series was designed to help papercrafters and card makers learn how to use Chibitronics products in their creations and gradually advance their skills and techniques. In 2024, we will be taking interactive die sets from a variety of paper-crafting companies and showing you how to incorporate Chibitronics products with those die sets. But first, we want to share a basic review and reference guide for the first year of the Chibitronics for PaperCrafters series in the hopes that it will be helpful to you as you continue to explore our products!

Add a Light to Your Card

Learn the basics of Chibitronics products and how to create a simple light-up card! This card series uses products from Lawn Fawn!

Simple On/Off Battery Holder

Learn how to create a simple battery holder that will allow you to mail your cards without draining the battery!

Add Multiple Lights

Create a parallel circuit allowing you to add multiple lights to your card!

Card Creation

Here you’ll find step by step directions for ink-blending, copic-coloring, die-cutting, and more to create this summer night sky card!

Slide Switch for Light Sequence

We continue to advance our skills with a more challenging circuit. This circuit allows you to slide your finger across the bottom of the card to light up the stickers in different patterns and sequences!

Add a Simple Pressure Sensor

Learn how to use our pressure sensor sheets to create a fun fading effect! The harder you press your finger over the battery, the brighter the light becomes!

Colored Lights with Pressure Sensor

Combining a simple pressure sensor with our colored lights creates an engaging and unexpected effect!

Introducing Animating LEDs

Our new animating LEDs are here! See how they change the effect of our card design by blinking, fading, and changing colors!

How to Use a Circuit Template

Sometimes it’s nice to have the work done for you…learn how to follow a circuit template to create a blueprint for your own unique light-up design!

How to Mail a Light-Up Card

Once you’ve done the work to create a beautiful light-up card, you want to make sure it reaches the recipient in pristine condition! Learn the best practices for mailing light-up cards!

Chibitronics for PaperCrafters Video Series 2023 Review
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