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10 Ways to Make a Paper Battery Holder

Coin cell batteries (3V) such the CR2032 and CR2016 are thin and compact, making them an ideal way to power paper circuit projects. Back in 2016 our founder and CEO, Jie Qi, curated 5 Ways to Make a Paper Battery Holder. While that information remains useful, and may have already become an established part of your […]

Make a Puppet with Color Changing Eyes With Chibitronics Reed Switches

In my latest tutorial, “Fred 2.0: Puppet with Color Changing Eyes,” I am giving a vintage bird puppet a makeover that includes glowing eyes that change colors with a tug of a feather. See how Fred transitions from frumpy to fabulous, with help from Chibitronics LED stickers! Learn how to create a circuit that uses […]

Pop-Up Shop Card with LED sticker lights

Hi, crafty friends! I’m so happy to see you again here. I show you a pop-up shop card today.When you look inside this shop, you can feel the cozy air. You will feel like you are a dwarf and would like to get in this shop. I’d like to talk about @shirarin . She is […]

Make a Light Up Leaf With LED Stickers (Video Tutorial)

Fall is a terrific time to get cozy around a warm fire and sip apple cider. And, if you’re lucky, it’s also a fantastic time to notice the subtle changes in nature, such as leaves changing color and drifting to the ground in crunchy, colorful piles! No matter where you might find yourself at this […]

Light Up a Dissolve Card with Chibitronics LED Stickers

In my latest tutorial, Dissolve Card: Light Up Picture Switcher, I’ll show you how to make a light-up version of a Victorian Era mechanism known as a dissolve, or dissolve card. This paper mechanics project combines a trick of the eye (and pictures that flip) with a little electronic trickery of our own — Circuit […]

Lift to Light: An Electrified Cobweb Card

In our first reed switch tutorial, Magical Magnetism: Intro to Reed Switches (Normally Open), we introduced the most common type of reed switch, demonstrated how to use one in a circuit, and showed how to make a magnetic wand that can trigger any circuit you make with one. In this follow up tutorial, Magical Magnetism: Intro […]

Magical Magnetic Wand & Chibitronics Reed Switch (Magnet On)

Magnets, like wands, are magical! In my tutorial, Magical Magnetism: Intro to Reed Switches (Magnet On), I’ll show you how to make a magnetic wand that can trigger a circuit you make with a reed switch. A reed switch and magnet are an intriguing duo possessing magical qualities that may be applied in countless ways.  […]

Join us for Pathfinders Summer 2022 – Paper Circuits and Coding Across the Curriculum

K-12 US public school teachers!  Chibitronics is excited to join Infosys Foundation’s virtual #InfyPathfinders Summer Institute, exclusively at Use this link to create a free account today to register for our course PAPER CIRCUITS AND CODING ACROSS THE CURRICULUM.  Apply now for and choose one of summer’s 7-week courses: Every Wednesday, 7:00 PM – 9:30 […]

Susan Lowdermilk, Book Artist

<Art, Craft, and Telling Stories with Pop-up> CHIBI: We met on the Hack Your Notebook project, for what turned into Booklet #2, Engineer Your Materials, Working with Pop-up. By that time, you’d discovered Chibitronics co-founder Jie Qi’s circuit stickers and had begun exploring possibilities for book arts, pop-up and electronics. Can you share some detail […]

Light Up 3D Paper Dreamcatcher

Hello, friends! It’s Wei Wei here with this Light Up 3D Paper Dreamcatcher featuring Chibitronics LED! This Dreamcatcher is designed by myself. It made of 3 different and separate layers. I provide the template here, enjoy these free designs for your personal crafty projects! First, I cut my dreamcatcher layers and feathers with my cutting machine. Check […]

Paper Circuit Accordion Book

Jill Dawson is back with another amazing accordion book tutorial! This one is chock full of techniques and ideas that can take your paper circuits projects to the next level. Click here to see the full tutorial!

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