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How to Add a Reed Switch (Magnet On) to Glowing Garland

Have you considered making your own Glowing Garland: Paper Circuit Streamer to decorate your home or help celebrate a special person or event? If so, or you’re on the fence, we’d like you to know that there’s an easy way to extend the life of your battery while you do! An optional upgrade to your […]

Beachy Christmas Light Up Card

Hi friends – Bri Firth here!  Today, I am sharing my first light up card of the new year. With Christmas being complete and the celebration of the new year, Santa is officially on vacation! This project was created with the Lawn Fawn Beachy Christmas set and the Craft with Light Kit – White from […]

The Holiday Decoration with the Light and the Reed Switch

Hi, crafty friends! The holiday season is coming. I made a magical ornament with the LED sticker and the magical switches for this season. When you connect the trains the windows are lighted! It’s magic!! Do you guess what does happen? The keyword is “Reed Switch and Magnet”Chibitronics has had a new release this month, […]

NEW PRODUCT: Reed Switches (Magnet On)

We are excited to announce that Chibitronics now carries reed switches, which are useful for creating surprising special effects in your paper circuit projects! What’s a Reed Switch? A reed switch is a small electrical component containing two thin fibers that are highly susceptible to magnetization. In the most common type of reed switch, called […]

Lift to Light: An Electrified Cobweb Card

In our first reed switch tutorial, Magical Magnetism: Intro to Reed Switches (Normally Open), we introduced the most common type of reed switch, demonstrated how to use one in a circuit, and showed how to make a magnetic wand that can trigger any circuit you make with one. In this follow up tutorial, Magical Magnetism: Intro […]

Magical Magnetic Wand & Chibitronics Reed Switch (Magnet On)

Magnets, like wands, are magical! In my tutorial, Magical Magnetism: Intro to Reed Switches (Magnet On), I’ll show you how to make a magnetic wand that can trigger a circuit you make with a reed switch. A reed switch and magnet are an intriguing duo possessing magical qualities that may be applied in countless ways.  […]

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