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How To Videos

Intro to Copper Tape

3. DIY Switch

1. Simple Circuit

4. Blinking Slide Switch

2. Parallel Circuits

5. Pressure Sensor

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Circuit Sticker Schetchbook (full PDF)

Introduction to Copper Tape learn the difference between conductive vs. non-conductive adhesive tapes and how to “draw” with copper tape
1. Simple Circuit Tutorial turn on one LED light
2. Parallel Circuit Tutorial turn on multiple LEDs with one battery
3. DIY Switch Tutorial make your circuits interactive with this paper switch
4. Blinking Slide Switch Tutorial create different blinking effects using this switch
5. Pressure Sensor Tutorial make your LEDs fade in and out using this DIY pressure sensor

Effect Stickers Template makes your LEDs fade, blink, twinkle or pulse a heartbeat rhythm
Sound Sensor Template makes your circuits responsive to sound, tapping and wind
Light Sensor Template makes your circuits responsive to light
Trigger Sensor (Timer) Template use a touch sensor to trigger your lights on or off for several seconds
Attiny85 Microcontroller Template use the microcontroller sticker as an advanced touch sensor or reprogram with Arduino for custom functions
Paper Battery Holder Tutorial Use this paper battery envelope to add your battery to any surface without a binder clip!

Word Circuitry Use conductive ink pens to turn letters and words intro circuits
Sailboat Card use conductive ink pens to create a sky of twinkling stars when you swipe your finger across the card