How to Power your Chibi Chip

You can power your Chibi Chip with any USB power supply!  Here are some examples:

If you have a Love to Code powered binder, you can plug in the USB cable directly into the binder. To turn on your binder, slide the power switch to the left like this:

The Love to Code book can run on regular and rechargeable batteries.

You can also use a computer or laptop USB port to power the Chibi Chip:

Wall outlets also make great power supplies since you don’t need to worry about running down batteries:

Finally, USB phone charger battery packs work as a handy portable power supply!  Make sure your charger battery pack has an on/off switch so that you can keep the power supply on.  Otherwise, a Chibi Chip runs so little power that the charger may automatically turn off by itself.  Here’s an example of an inexpensive USB charger power bank.

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Happy making 🙂

How to Power your Chibi Chip
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