Chibitronics Monthly Circuit Sketchbook Art Contest

Chapter 2 – Parallel Circuit featuring a cityscape sketch

Show us your #circuitsketchbook! Our Art Contest will now be monthly! Complete all 5 chapters of our Circuit Sticker Sketchbook and share them with us by the end of each month for the chance to win a Love to Code Creative Coding Kit and be featured in our Sketchbook Gallery. The winner will be announced the following month.

What is the Circuit Sticker Sketchbook?
The Circuit Sticker Sketchbook is a self-guided workbook that teaches the basics of paper circuits including 5 different kinds of circuits that you can use in various applications.

Where do I get a Circuit Sticker Sketchbook?
Purchase a sketchbook directly from our store or download it for free on our website including Spanish, Chinese and Japanese and German translations!

Which chapters or activities do I need to complete?
Each chapter of the Circuit Sticker Sketchbook has an art activity prompt (or two) to get your creativity flowing. Complete the circuit in each chapter and at least one corresponding art activity and then take a photo or short video of each. Show us your circuit in action! How does it illuminate your art?

How do I submit my entry?
Share your photos and videos with us on social media! Use the hashtag #circuitsketchbook and tag @chibitronics on Twitter or Instagram, or @circuitstickers on Facebook to enter.

When do I submit my entry?
Share your entries any time and you’ll be considered for that month’s contest.

What should my entry look like?
Anything you like! The only rule is that you complete all 5 chapters/activities but your art can be whatever inspires you. Here are some examples of completed sketchbook activities. And you can find more examples in our Sketchbook Gallery.

We can’t wait to see your submissions!

Chibitronics Monthly Circuit Sketchbook Art Contest
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