Announcing Our First Circuit Sketchbook Art Contest Winners!

Congratulations to Alexa, 9, and Taia, 12, on winning our first Circuit Sketchbook Art Contest! Keep scrolling to see their entries and find out how you can enter the next one.

Alexa, 9 – Acorn’s Adventures
“I was interested in acorns and comics. I wanted to make up an original story. I like characters with a simple body so I can create in the background. Chibitronics is great for beginners and has a lot of LEDs of different colors. I liked using LEDs for Acorn’s adventures. Acorn wanted a shiny tooth :)”

Chapter 1 – Simple Circuit

Chapter 2 – Parallel Circuit

Chapter 3 – DIY Switch

Chapter 3 – DIY Switch

Chapter 4 – Blinking Slide Switch

Chapter 5 – Pressure Sensor

Taia, 12 – Mixed Media and Collage

Chapter 1 – Simple Circuit: Living Room Collage

Chapter 2 – Parallel Circuit: Catching Stars

Chapter 3 – DIY Switch: Ready to Launch!

Chapter 4 – DIY Pressure Sensor: Press to Send Love

Chapter 5 – Blinking Slide Switch: Kitten Belly Rubs

Our Art Contest will now be monthly! Submit your entries by tagging us and using the hashtag #circuitsketchbook on social media and you’ll be considered for that month’s contest. Winners will receive a Love to Code Creative Coding Kit and be featured in our Sketchbook Gallery! Find all the submission rules here.

Announcing Our First Circuit Sketchbook Art Contest Winners!
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