Author : Alisha Panjwani

Meet the Chibi Maker- Joanna Chou

We kick off our Meet the Chibi Maker series with Seattle based maker and founder of Make Something studio Joanna Chou. She has been tinkering with Chibitronics Circuit Stickers since she first heard about it on the internet and was blown away by its creative potential. A full-time mom with true passion for design and creativity, Joanna encourages people […]

Chibitronics at Programaê! Makers Educa in Brazil

We were extremely thrilled to be part of the Programaê! Makers Educa workshop in Sao Paulo. Programaê!, an initiative started by Lemann Foundation recently launched the Makers Educa program to support creative maker activities at public schools and afterschool centers in Brazil. As part of this program, several educators from different parts of Brazil joined […]

Circuit Stickers at HUBweek: A week of art, science and technology in Boston

We were delighted to be part of the Boston HUBweek as part of A Pop-Up Makerspace: The Future of Learning Laboratory, hosted by Harvard University. On 10th October, the Harvard Ed portal was transformed into a space of playful experiences with hands-on workshops, interactive activities, and participatory demonstrations. The event was designed for families and […]

Paper battery holder with magnets

This tutorial shows you how to make a paper battery holder with magnets for coin cell batteries (CR2032). MATERIALS AND TOOLS Paper strip, preferably cardstock (about 2 inches long and 1 inch wide) Copper tape Clear tape Scissors 3V coin cell battery (CR3032) Small disc shaped magnets Step 1: Take the paper strip and fold it […]

What Makes You Shine?

What Makes You Shine? Make a light-up name badge and share something about yourself Grade Level: Suitable for Grade 2 and up Suggested Time: 30-45 mins Overview This activity introduces simple circuits using Chibitronics LED light stickers. The students will be able to introduce and express something special about themselves by making a personal light-up […]

Crafted face illustration with effect sticker

Hi Everyone, I would like to share this new project that I made using Fade Effect Sticker and LEDs. Effect Stickers are pre-programmed stickers that make the LEDs light-up in different patterns, depending on which sticker you choose: blink on and off, fade in and out, pulse in a heartbeat, and twinkle like a star. […]

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