Author : Kathy Ceceri

Blow-Out Musical Candles Card with Chibitronics LED Stickers and micro:bit

Hi there! Kathy Ceceri here with a cool personalized birthday card I created for my mom’s 90th. I connected the usual Chibitronics LED sticker circuit to a BBC micro:bit mini-computer to play music, adjust the brightness on the LEDs, and scroll messages across the board’s LED “screen.” And — thanks to one of the micro:bit’s […]

Light Up a Paper Corner Room with Chibitronics LED Stickers

Hi! It’s Kathy Ceceri with a fun idea that lets you turn a piece of paper into a dollhouse-sized room. The Paper Corner Room folds up like a card. Connect multiple rooms to create a book that opens up to reveal an entire house. Of course, the best part is adding Chibitronics LED stickers to […]

Color a Paper Easter Egg with Chibitronics LED Stickers!

Hi! It’s Kathy Ceceri with a 3-D paper Easter Egg you can color with pink, green, and blue Chibitronics LED stickers! You can easily hand- or machine-cut this kid-friendly diorama from one sheet of white cardstock. The tulips, bunny, and Easter Basket inside fit together with slots and tabs. To make the simple on-off switch, […]

Solar Eclipse Slider with Chibitronics Animating LEDs

Hi, Kathy Ceceri here! I’ll be traveling this week to Rochester, NY, which is part of the large swath of the United States that gets to experience a total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. The city is getting geared up for the big event, so as part of my display at Maker Faire Rochester, […]

RoboKitty Fridge Magnet with Chibitronics Color-Changing LEDs

Hi, it’s Kathy Ceceri with another kid-friendly design. This cute robotic cat has eyes that light up and change colors, thanks to the Chibitronics color-changing Animating LEDs. To turn it on, you only need to press the kitty’s paw against its chin. The battery is hidden behind its curled-up tail. I used a piece of […]

Make a Robot Badge with Chibitronics LED Stickers

Hi! It’s Kathy with a simple wearable project for kids. For an upcoming Maker Faire celebrating arts and science, I created a light-up badge that shows off its paper circuit. When you fold up the bottom and tuck in the tabs, you form a pouch to hold the coin battery in place and a push […]

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