Christmas Shaker Tags

Hi, friends!

This is June.

Christmas is always a word that makes me happy. So I created light-up shaker tags for Christmas season. 

Light up a happy Christmas with this tag featuring cute little kids.

This video tutorial will show you how to make the light-up shaker tag with tiny winter scene.

Below is the list of the supplies required I used for this Light-up Shaker Tags.


1. Stamping and Coloring

2. Die Cutting

To make this tags, we only need the eight pieces of die cutter among the sets above.
You can use a card stock of moderate thickness for other pieces, but make sure to use a thick board of 1mm thickness for three pieces of white snow globe with a semicircle hole and one piece of pink bar.

3. Circuit Composing

The circuit was composed of the mechanism shown in the diagram below.

4. Assembling

By assembling the circuit board and the front snow-globe panel following my video tutorial, you can make pretty shaker tags with tiny Christmas scene. Then you can see beautiful stars that light up the winter sky.

I hope you spend this winter season warm and cozy, like the scene of this light-up shaker tags.

Thanks a lot stopping by!

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Christmas Shaker Tags
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