Surrealist Paper Illustrations

Objective: Students will learn the ideas and concepts behind the Surrealist art movement while creating paper illustrations that incorporate light-up Chibitronics circuit stickers. Created by: Kristin Osiecki. Learn more about Kristin in our Meet the Maker series. Click here for full lesson plan: Surrealism meets Circuits. Lesson Plan Summary: Topics: Surrealism, illustration, drawing, elements and […]

Chibitronics 2016 Recap: A Year in Review

We’ve had a busy 2016, and are grateful for the friends, educators, crafters, partners, and community members who’ve supported us this year. In January, we were off to CHA for our second year.  We met some amazing partners, including this wonderful partner, Kelli from Lawn Fawn, who really helped make our Chibitronics come to life […]

Chibitronics 2017 Design Team Call

New Designers Wanted! We’re looking for some new Design Team members or Guest Designers for Chibitronics. If you love scrapbooking, cardmaking, decorating, and sewing, we’d love you to develop and share your favorite projects featuring our LED circuit stickers to inspire others. We are looking for paper crafters, cardmakers, scrapbookers, fabric designers and more. Commitment: […]

Meet the Maker: Kristin Osiecki

We’re proud to feature our latest maker, Kristin Osiecki, who authored this month’s featured lesson plan on Surrealist Paper Electronics.  Kristin Osiecki is a Designer, Educator and Maker living and working in the Boston area. As an educator, she has focused her work on the intersection of the visual arts and technology, exploring electronics and […]

3-D Constellation

Click here to download a printable version of this tutorial Tutorial and instructions by: Alex Krasser Topics Covered: Circuit design Scale modeling Astronomy Objectives: To understand that stars in a given constellation can be very different distances away from Earth. The night sky has depth! Also, to understand  the concept of scale, of using a […]

Measuring Voltage with a Multimeter

Objective: To understand how to use a multimeter to check voltage (power) at various points on your circuit, so you can locate problems and fix them. Overview: So you’ve made a beautiful circuit out of copper tape, but your LEDs are either flickering, or not lighting up at all. What gives? The flickering / dark […]

Interactive Flashcard Tutorial

For Grades: 5+ These interactive flashcards are a fun and unique way for students to review topics learned in class.  Each student can create a unique flashcard to contribute to a class compilation of review questions.  The example shown here is an example for a 6th grade science lesson on the human body.  But this […]

Light Sensor Card Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to make a card turn on when opened using a light sensor sticker. You can use this to light up an LED, or get creative and use it as a switch to turn on more adventurous circuits! Here are some examples of wonderful cards by Chibitronics makers. Materials: light sensor […]

Flat Double Battery Holder Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to make a flat battery holder that holds two batteries connected in series. Because the batteries are connected in series, they make a higher voltage power supply, so you can have more LEDs in series! To learn more about series circuits, visit this tutorial on series versus parallel circuits. Materials: […]

Battery Power with Variable Voltage using Magnets

This tutorial will show you a nifty way to make a variable power supply using neodymium magnets, coin cell batteries and two alligator clips.  You can also use this as a standard battery holder by using only one coin cell battery. Notice how your LEDs get dimmer when you have many of them? Having multiple […]

Parallel and Series Circuits

Have you ever noticed that the brightness of LEDs change differently when you connect them in different ways? This tutorial explains the differences between series and parallel connections. Series Connections When components are connected to one another in a continuous loop, like beads on a necklace, it is called a series connection. In a series […]

Light-Up Cards with Lawn Fawn Stamps and Chibitronics LED Circuit Stickers

We’re excited to do another collaboration with our favorite stamp company, Lawn Fawn! This week, we’ll be featuring some light-up cards made with stamps from Lawn Fawn’s latest collection (so cute!) and our LED stickers. We have some amazing light-up cards made with our tropical LED circuit stickers, effects sticker and more. Christina Hsu of […]

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