Author : Yukiko Inami

Silent Night — Pop Up Box Card with Chibitronics Lights

Hello Chibitronics friends!Yukiko Inami is writing again for Chibitronics.Do you think the holiday season is the best for using the lights, right?The cool air makes the lights sparkly and the snow makes the beautiful reflection.So I am so excited to use the Chibitronics lights in my project especially in this season!I made the pop up […]

The Spinner Card with the Conductive Threads— Happy Haunting!

Hello, happy crafters! Are you ready for this Halloween? It is not so familiar in Japan, but I like to join it with this skeleton spinner card. I love the wicked fun event there! And I saw the Chibitronics website told about the conductive thread. You can see many TIPS for using the conductive thread in […]

Shadow Picture Box with Chibitronics —–BON VOYAGE!

Hi friends! Yukiko is here again with a shadow box having light for this month’s project. I miss many of my favorite places in this world, especially over the sea. I tried to enjoy my trip in the shadow picture box.  When you turn the disc, you can see my favorite scenes in the light. […]

Have a Blooming Drive! –using the effect sticker–

Hi everyone!I am happy to come here again. I am sharing a card having a scene of the blooming drive.I use the LED sticker and the effect sticker. Enjoy the light effect! Effect Sticker Have you ever used the effect sticker? It has an IC chip as a micro-controller. The controller changes the power to […]

Jump and Celebrate! ~Sliding-out Pop-Up Card with Light

Hi, crafty friends! I’m so happy to share my project here. I’d like to send you a happy spring fresh air with this card. You open this card, the rabbit and mouse will jump up with the trampoline! When you would like to celebrate someone’s birthday, this card makes her or him happy surely! I […]

What Will You Find in the Sky on the Holiday Season’s Night?

Hi, crafty friends! It’s Yukiko I here again.How are you doing? We haven’t seen a long time with our family or friends. It is an awful life for us.I hope that you find something happy and can make your day bright. I made this card for this month’s project. A polar bear found something in […]

Ornament Challenge with light~~ DIY Christmas Tree

Hi, crafty friends! Yukiko I. , Nicorin is coming again here!Today, I am glad to showing the fun project for this season to you. I made a Christmas tree with the circuit. You can add the ornaments with the light on this tree.If you are looking for an advent project for the kids, it can […]

Happy Halloween Night! –Make your scene with the magnetic parts

Hi, Chibitronics friends! It’s Yukiko I. here!The holiday season has started. And it is a brilliant season for using lights, right? I am showing here my monthly project. This is a magnet book. The parts have some lights!When you put the parts the point of the switch, the parts get light up! You can change […]

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